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Just to let you know some of our April Suffragette Sock Yarn is now available to buy as a single skein. This month’s yarn (pictured) is named for Leonora Cohen, who was moved to militant action after Prime Minister Herbert Asquith broke his commitment to votes for women by announcing a manhood suffrage bill. She famously smuggled an iron bar into the Jewel House of the Tower of London and smashed open a glass showcase. Wrapped around the iron bar was a note that said:

“Jewel House, Tower of London. My Protest to the Government for its refusal to Enfranchise Women, but continues to torture women prisoners – Deeds Not Words. Lenora Cohen”

and on the other side:

“Votes for Women. 100 years of Constitutional Petition, Resolutions, Meetings & Processions have Failed.”

We’ve added some new items to our yarn sale also.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. We wish you happy knitting in the month ahead!