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July 2013 Blanket Club Motif

august blanket knitting club motif

Just checking in with my completed July square. The octopus (or is it a squid?):

How are you getting on with yours?

I will be along very soon with the first installment of the blanket map; I just want to finish the August squares first, which shouldn’t take me long now, and then there will be a nice big block of sewn together squares that will make more sense than what I currently have sewn together.

It is a bit tantalizing at the moment, the sewn-together squares with some holes in, must hurry up and knit more, quickly.

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July Sock Yarn Club Project

silas sock knitting pattern

Our fourth project for the year already!

This was sent out last weekend so you should all have received it by now.

Our butterfly this month was Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing, the largest butterfly in the world with a wingspan of upto 31cm. Our yarn, pictured, was a highly contrasting pair of skeins of our Juno pure merino 4ply sock yarn, a UK spun yarn.

There was another sock knitting pattern this month – and there will be another later in the year, so that a half of our projects will be sock projects, which seems right since this is a sock yarn club after all.

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June 2013 Blanket Club Motif

june blanket knitting club motif

Finished my June Fish today. My mouth turned out bigger than it was supposed to be according to the pattern, and I ended up on a knit row, which can’t be right. Not sure if I did an extra row or missed one out by mistake. The textured pattern all seems to work though, so that’s okay.
The textured pattern blocked out beautifully, too – I am pleased with my fish.
I will be making the draw for the June competition this week, and setting up another competition. I haven’t forgotten!
Now to go and cast on my July Octopus, which will be a twin to this fish square.

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April 2013 Blanket Knitting Club Motif

april blanket knitting club motif

It took me ages to find the time to start the April motifs, but when I did, they were done in a few days. I loved knitting this motif, I found it straightforward but also satisfying – a nice contained little pattern that changed quite quickly in a fairly predictable manner.

I liked that it had quite a lot of plain colour around the outside too. Plus I loved the colour combinations: Raspberry & Saffron, and Ochre & Cobalt.

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March 2013 Blanket Knitting Club Motif

march blanket knitting club motif

Two large, rectangular motifs this month: double the width of one square.
I love these fish and I loved knitting them, even though counting the squares between the little dots was a little difficult. I am very pleased with the result.

This month, really, everyone knew it was a sea theme. More specifically, it is a theme based on the drawings of the German Naturalist Ernst Haeckel, called Artforms in Nature. The Marine ones.

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February 2013 Blanket Club Motif

february blanket knitting club motif

Another cute motif. Starfish? A sea theme? It’s also been suggested that the theme is Evolution.

This month’s motif has both texture and colour – three colours in fact. I found it hard to juggle all the changes at once in my head, and ended up with some very long loops behind the central textured section when I got to the end of that section, concentrating very hard, and only then realised that I had forgotten to carry across the resting yarn for almost the whole width of a square! The squares are fine though, and have ended up with a pleasingly relief/3D sort of effect.

Colours: Ink, Moss & Gold, and Burgundy, Sage & Jade.