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2013 Blanket Knitting Club Complete

Well, and so the 2013 Mystery Blanket is finally complete!

I enjoyed knitting this blanket. Hope you did too.

The 2014 Mystery Blanket is already being swatched for here at Violet Green HQ. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an abstract design, though I can’t say absolutely for sure, because I might get a sudden alternative brainwave. At the moment though my planning head is all about abstract. I can’t wait!

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September Sock Yarn Project Club

singing and dancing in the rain glove knitting pattern

Singing and Dancing in the Rain Gloves!

I loved designing and making these gloves, and have even knit the full pair, though my prototype glove is slightly different (a working it out version of the glove) so I’ve mirrored my one “final” glove in the picture here.

There are a few club kits this month if you fancy a pair of squishy merino fairisle gloves in a Singing and Dancing in the Rain pattern.

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August Blanket Club Motif Sewn In

august blanket club motif sewn in

The August squares are so straightforward compared to last month I am racing through them. How about you? My problem right now is that I took the slate colour yarn downstairs to use in the motif with the pale gold background and have unfortunately misplaced it! Frustrating.

Here is one of the burgundy background August motifs in situ. The blanket is not blocked yet, of course, not being finished, so the edges look a little more crinkled then they will do in the end.

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July 2013 Blanket Club Motif

august blanket knitting club motif

Just checking in with my completed July square. The octopus (or is it a squid?):

How are you getting on with yours?

I will be along very soon with the first installment of the blanket map; I just want to finish the August squares first, which shouldn’t take me long now, and then there will be a nice big block of sewn together squares that will make more sense than what I currently have sewn together.

It is a bit tantalizing at the moment, the sewn-together squares with some holes in, must hurry up and knit more, quickly.