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VG February 2016 Newsletter

2016 is an exciting time for Violet Green, being our 10th Anniversary. I started Violet Green 10 years ago about now, as the Twin Earth Knitting Supermarket. The first image I have found from the waybackmachine is April 2006, though I can tell by the logos that we had been going a month or so by then. I still use those Opal Brazil hat and gloves, which are too small by now for the son who picked out the yarn and who I knit them for.

We had yet to become Violet Green, though I think our logo colours were giving us a clue. I’ve loved running Violet Green, and am very grateful to all our customers, some of whom have been involved for as long as I have. Thank you! in April 2006 from April 2006

There’ll be a number of special offers related to VG’s 10th anniversary year. The first is a 10% discount on all VG hand dyed yarn, when you use the code:


Mystery Blanket Club News

We are into our 2nd, and final, dyeing batch now for the 2016 Art Nouveau Mystery Blanket Knitting Club. And we are onto our 2nd motif, also. There are still a few places left if you are thinking of joining us…,

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy knitting.