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New Free Quick Knit & Cosy Brioche Scarf Knitting Pattern

free brioche scarf knitting patern

It is the holy grail of scarf knitting. A scarf that has the depth and texture associated with using a rib stitch (otherwise you have a thin and mimsy little scarf that is just not cosy like a scarf should be) but without the hassle of always switching between purl and knit stitches. Particularly for those of us who are not the best at knitting without looking and for whom that constant switching between knit and purl means that we lose that plot of whatever else is going on that we are supposed to be paying attention to.

I found it! The brioche stitch scarf. You knit it all in a knitwise style, but it has a deep and satisfying texture. So satisfying is it that I am in danger of producing the biggest scarf in the whole world. Well you’ve got to keep knitting until all the wool is used up, haven’t you?

I stopped just before my wool was indeed actually all used up, so that I could photograph the special stitch where the needle goes into the stitch underneath the top most stitch. I’ll come back with my huge finished scarf tomorrow.

Anyway, this is how you make this cosy brioche stitch scarf:

Cast on an odd number of stitches using needles that are slightly bigger than needles you would normally use with your yarn. For aran yarn you might use 6mm needles; for DK yarn perhaps 5mm needle; for 4ply yarn maybe 4mm needles. Or you could have a more tightly knit scarf using the usual size needles if you prefer. Do a swatch if you are unsure what would suit you.

Once you have cast on your odd number of stitches, continue in this way:

  1. [K1, Knit into the stitch under the next stitch] repeat to last stitch, K1
  2. K2 [Knit into the stitch under the next stitch, K1] repeat to last stitch, K1.

Repeat these two rows until your scarf is as long as you want it to be, and then cast off.

That’s it!