Wavy Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern (view here)


Free to view here


This Knitting Pattern is Free to view here


100g 4ply yarn; 4mm knitting needles


Using 4mm needles, cast on 56 stitches. Knit 1 row, then continue in the wavy pattern repeat.

Note: this pattern works with multiples of 18, so if you want to make your scarf narrower or wider, just cast on a smaller or larger multiple of 18, then add on an extra 2 stitches (for the worked edges).

The wavy pattern repeat:

  1. Knit 1 row
  2. K1, Purl to last stitch, K1.
  3. Knit 1, ** [Knit 2 together] 3 times, [Yarn forward knit 1] 6 times, [Knit 2 together] 3 times ** repeat from ** to ** to last stitch, then Knit 1.
  4. K1, Purl to last stitch, K1.

Repeat these four pattern rows until the scarf is as long as you want it to be, ending with a row 1. Then Knit 1 more row, then cast off.

Ready to wear!