About Our Hand Dyed Yarns

Violet Green specialize in hand-dyed yarns, all of which are spun in the UK and hand dyed by us in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. If you have any questions about our yarns, please contact us and we will be happy help.

We dye in small batches, so if you need yarn for a bigger project, we recommend you buy all the yarn you you will need from the same batch (i.e. at the same time).

Use of Hand Dyed Yarns

Hand dyed yarns may vary over the course of a skein, and also between skeins. If you are knitting a larger project and wish it to be relatively even, you might want to work two or more skeins simultaneously, e.g. work one round in one skein, the next in another skein, and so on.

Care of Hand Dyed Yarns

All of our hand dyed yarns should be washed gently by hand at 30 degrees or less. For highly differentiated colours, we wash in cold water. Please note that fabric conditioners can cause colours to run where water alone does not.

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